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NMH Artist Mike Baggetta

This concert series was created to connect audiences with the work of emerging composers. Each concert will feature the music of two different composers and will include three components: a pre-concert talk by the composers in which they will discuss examples of their music that they will perform; a performance of the music; and an informal post-concert audience Q&A session where people can talk with the artists about what they experienced. People will have the unique experience of  learning about the music directly from the artist.  Artists get the opportunity to guide the listener through their music, demystifying the listening experience and building a following for their work.  This program gives people the excitement of hearing music in a new way while providing critical support for contemporary composers. 


We believe there should be no barriers to hearing and understanding music.  Tickets for the Collaborative Artists in Concert Series will be offered at low or no cost to make sure poeple of all backgrounds can experience these concerts and connect to the excitement of new music.

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